Top 5 Kayaking Destinations Around the World

A wise person once said “We must take adventures to know where were truly belong.” For those of us who kayak, this is great news—a new adventure is always right around the corner. This is especially true in the summer months, when kayak trips on lakes, rivers, and the open sea are the ideal way to take an overdue vacation.

To help you plan your next big trip, we’ve rounded up five amazing destinations for you and your boat. And when you’re packing your paddles, don’t forget your Shore Tees by FootStake! Our portable and affordable kayak storage system will keep your boat safe, secure, and ready for the next adventure.

1. Kenai Fjords National Park, Alaska

 This national park in Alaska is unique and beautiful, but be warned: only seasoned kayakers should attempt this trip! With more than 750 miles of shoreline rife with caves and coves, it requires a fair bit of skill. It can also be windy and rainy, with large ocean swells from summer storms. If, however, you’re looking for an adventure that will test your limits, the Kenai Fjords National Park will provide.

2. Kadavu Island, Fiji

 Widely considered a Mecca for kayakers, Kadavu Island is absolutely one for your bucket list. Fiji is home to more than 300 islands, two-thirds of which are uninhabited, and that makes it an ideal destination for paddlers who want an adventure off the beaten path. Fiji is also a great place for sea life, thanks to its location along the equatorial current, so don’t forget your snorkeling and fishing gear!

3. Johnstone Strait, British Columbia

Canada’s Johnstone Strait is a narrow passage that separates Vancouver Island from the mainland. It’s 40 kilometers long and four kilometers wide with plenty of inlets, islands, and estuaries to keep your paddles busy. The biggest draw, however, are the orcas. The Johnstone Strait is one of the best spots for catching a glimpse of these beautiful and powerful killer whales. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime trip you won’t want to miss.

4. Kefalonia Island, Greece

Kefalonia, an island of Greece, is the ultimate destination for sea kayaking, largely because of the show-stopping views the island offers. Picture dense forests of black fir, white sandy beaches, soaring cliffs, mysterious caves, turquoise waters, and wrecked ships, all bordered by a paddle-perfect coastline. When you’re sea kayaking, you can stop for a quick dip or snorkel, camp for the night on the beach, and explore all this country and these islands have to offer. It’s a trip you won’t forget.

5. Rio Sarapiqui, Costa Rica

Originating from clear mountain streams, this river is one of Costa Rica’s most exuberant water ways. It’s even considered a national monument, thanks to its vital and historic role as a transportation vehicle. It’s a perfect paddling adventure for experienced kayakers and first-timers who don’t shy away from a thrill. The Sarapiqui River offers moderate class three rapids through beautiful rain forests, and is home to several species of birds, monkeys, iguanas, and turtles. Plan your trip now!

We hope this list of bucket-list worthy destinations motivates you to take the plunge and plan the adventure of a lifetime. See you on the water!