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Introducing FootStake

This easy-to-use tool has multiple uses to make your favorite outdoor activities simpler and more convenient—whether it be boating, kayaking, canoeing, paddleboarding, or relaxing on the beach.

It’s easy to use, too—just drive it into the ground and rest your boat or other FootStake accessory on top. When you’re ready for the next adventure, your boat is easy to lift off the stake and into the lake. And when you’re ready to take a break, the Take-Along Table with cup holders is there to hold your beach-side drinks, sunscreen, and other belongings. The FootStake is built for simple set-ups and breakdowns every time.

See you outside.

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The FootStake Team

Michigan, also known as “The Great Lakes State,” is where our team was born and bred.

With more than 11,000 inland lakes and 3,228 miles of contiguous coastline along the Great Lakes, we’re never more than six miles from a body of water.

While we’ve always enjoyed kayaking and canoeing, we didn’t like the fact that our gear took up a lot of space. Storing our boats safely and securely was a problem we dealt with for years.

The FootStake is the solution to that problem. When it came to designing this innovative and lightweight storage system, we were privileged to use Lake Michigan as our laboratory. This meant putting in a lot of time on the water, testing each iteration until we settled on the perfect prototype. (Not that we complained.)

The result is a product that has exceeded our expectations. We hope it does the same for you.

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